How we can help in this market domain:

  • RoGO’s DropBlock devices can monitor remote power lines and transmission towers 24/7 to inform status: Know in seconds if a line falls due to high winds, where it went down at, and what the area fire conditions and probability of ignition (PIG) are based on current wind/weather. RoGO’s predictive fire behavior software then keep utility companies informed of what structures and homes are in the path of a potential fire start. This helps mitigate risk, reduce liability and allows actionable plans to be put in place now
  • Energy companies use remotely-located RoGO DropBlock devices to monitor remote substations, transformers and natural gas pipeline flow & pressures
  • DropBlocks can monitor methane emissions from remote pumpjacks 24/7/365 and send immediate alerts if thresholds are breached. DropBlocks keep pumpjacks EPA compliant
  • Use-cases & Examples: We monitor remote assets for utility companies so they have Situational Awareness, to mitigate potential fire starts, reduce liability and monitor remote operations 24/7